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Lunch Menu

Dartmouth Crossing Menus

Bento Box Specials

All Bento Box specials are served with salad, rice, miso soup and one of the following four options: a.) Maki Sushi b.) Japanese Dumplings c.) Assorted Tempura d.) Spring Rolls

Chicken Teriyaki$12.99

Beef Teriyaki$12.99

Salmon Teriyaki$14.99

Shrimp Teriyaki$14.99

Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)$13.99

Unagi (BBQ eel)$15.99

Spicy Fish Cutlet$14.99

Chicken Cutlet$13.99

Veggie Bento$12.99

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch

Served with salad and miso soup

Sushi Lunch

Sushi Lunch$14.99

5 Nigiri, 3 Cali, 3 Sp Salmon

Sashimi Lunch$16.99

2 Salmon, 2 Tuna, 2 Snapper, 2Clam, 2 Albacore

Nami Deluxe$18.99

3 Nigiri, 6 Sashimi, 6 Maki

Maki Lunch

Maki Lunch$13.99

6 Cali, 3 Sp Salmon, 3 BC Roll

Gianto – oh Maki $18.99

6 Shrimp Tempura, 3 Sp Salmon, 3 Sp Tuna, 6 Teriyaki Chicken

Veggie Maki

Veggie Maki$10.99

3 Sweet Potato, 3 Firecracker, 3 Seaweed Cuke