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Regular PriceTsu-Nami Price
1. Pork Gyoza
Pan fried pork dumplings with ponzu sauce
6.50 5.20
2. Vegetable Gyoza vegan
Pan fried vegetable dumplings with ponzu sauce
6.50 5.20
3. Agedashi Tofu
Fried bean curd with tempura sauce and seaweed topping
5.50 4.40
4. Tokyo Spring Rolls vegan
Deep Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls with plum sauce
6.50 5.20
5. Chicken Karaage
Battered & deep fried chicken, served with wasabi sauce
8.95 7.16
6. Japanese Eggplant vegan
Fried eggplant with sweet miso and ginger sauce
7.95 6.86
7. Shrimp Tempura
Battered & deep fried shrimp with tempura sauce
9.95 7.96
8. Vegetable Tempura
Battered & deep fried assorted vegetables with tempura sauce
6.50 5.20
9. Lobster Tempura
Battered & deep fried rock lobster tail, bonito topping with tempura sauce
14.95 11.96
10. Tuna (or Salmon) Tataki
Lightly breaded and slightly deep fried tuna or salmon with Japanese spicy salsa, fish roe and sweet spicy sauce
13.95/12.95 11.16/10.56
11. Beef Tataki
Sliced and slightly grilled beef with sweet miso sauce, ponzu sauce and bonito
12.95 10.36
12. Edamame or Spicy Edamame vegan
Boiled soy beans, salted or spicy
4.95/5.95 3.96/4.76
13. Ika Tempura
Battered & deep fried squid with bonito topping and tempura sauce
8.50 6.80
14. Golden Wrap (Tuna or Eel)
Tuna or eel, mixed with cilantro, and avocado, wrapped in soy paper then lightly breaded & deep fried with spicy sauce
9.95 7.96
15. Sweet Potato Croquette
Deep fried sweet potato mixed with cream cheese, avocado, seaweed and onions with mayo sauce and tonkatsu sauce
7.95 6.36
16. Teriyaki Salmon
Grilled fresh Atlantic salmon with teriyaki sauce and green onion
10.95 8.96
17. Sea Scallops
Grilled jumbo scallops with sweet miso sauce, topped with crispy ginger, garlic and onion
12.95 10.36
18. Tonkatsu or Chicken Katsu
Breaded & deep fried pork or chicken cutlet
7.95 6.36
19. Karakuchi Shrimp
Battered & deep fried tiger shrimp, spicy sauce, cilantro and jalapeño
9.95 7.96
20. Softshell Crab
Lightly battered and deep fried softshell crab with plum sauce
13.95 11.16
Regular PriceTsu-Nami Price
1. Miso Soup
Seafood base and soybean paste with tofu, green onion, and seaweed
2.95 2.36
2. Spicy Miso Soup
With spicy sauce, deep fried tofu, green onion, seaweed, tempura bits
3.95 3.16
3. Honey Avocado Salad
Assorted greens with honey avocado dressing
5.50 4.40
4. House Salad vegan
Assorted greens with house dressing
5. Hiyashi Wakame vegan
Japanese Seaweed Salad
6.95 5.56
6. Sunomono Salad
Shrimp, cucumber, crab meat, octopus, surf clam, seaweed and fish roe
9.95 7.96
7. Mango Salad vegan
Mango, cucumber, potato, seaweed, and cilantro
8.95 7.16
8. Tuna and Avocado Salad
Albacore tuna and avocado with spicy sweet soya ginger sauce
9.95 7.96
9. Spicy Tako Salad
Steamed octopus mixed with spicy ginger, garlic sauce and thinly sliced cucumber
8.95 7.16
10. Bamboo Shoot Salad vegan
Cooked bamboo shoot, sliced potato, soy beans, tossed in sweet soy sauce
7.95 6.36
11. Black Fungus Salad vegan
Black fungus mushroom mixed with fried bean curd, sliced asparagus, tossed in a ginger sauce
7.95 6.36

Soy Sheet Add $1.00  Extra Sauce $1.50

Regular PriceTsu-Nami Price
1. Tekka Maki (Tuna 6pcs) (Seaweed Outside) 5.954.76
2. Sake Maki (Salmon 6pcs) (Seaweed Outside) 5.504.40
3. Spicy Tuna or Scallop (6pcs)
Tuna or scallop, green onion, tempura bits, and spicy sauce
4. Spicy Salmon (6pcs)
Salmon, green onion, tempura bits, and spicy sauce
5. Philadelphia Roll (6pcs)
Smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, and green onion
6. Spider Roll – Softshell Crab (8pcs)
Fried softshell crab with lettuce, avocado, cuke, and fish roe with eel sauce
7. California Roll (6pcs)
Avocado, crab meat, cucumber, and fish roe (optional)
8. BC BBQ Salmon (or Albacore Tuna) Roll (6pcs)
Grilled salmon or white tuna, cucumber, lettuce, & avocado with eel sauce
9. Negi-Hamachi or Negi Toro Maki (6pcs) (Seaweed Outside)
Yellow tail tuna or chopped tuna belly mixed with minced green onion
10. Unagi Maki (6pcs)
BBQ Eel and avocado with eel sauce
11. Dynamite Maki (8 pcs)
2 pieces of shrimp tempura, cucumber, lettuce, and avocado
12. Teriyaki Beef (or Chicken) Roll (6pcs)
Grilled beef or chicken, fried onion, lettuce, and avocado with teriyaki sauce
13. Alaska Roll (6pcs)
Salmon, avocado and cucumber
14. Spicy Crab (6pcs)
Crab meat, tempura bits, green onion, & spicy sauce
Regular PriceTsu-Nami Price
1. Kappa Maki (Cucumber 6pcs) (Seaweed Outside) vegan4.953.96
2. Avocado Maki (6pcs) vegan5.504.40
3. Avocado Cucumber Roll (6pcs) vegan5.504.40
4. Grilled Veggie Maki (6pcs) vegan5.954.76
5. Sweet Potato Tempura Maki (6pcs)5.504.40
6. Asparagus Maki (6pcs) vegan5.504.40
7. Firecrackers Dream (6pcs)
Your choice of avocado or cucumber with spicy mayo, tempura bits, and bread crumbs
8. Seaweed Cucumber Roll (6pcs) vegan5.504.40
9. Yam Maki (6pcs) vegan6.505.20
10. Veggie California Roll (6pcs) vegan
Carrot, cucumber, and avocado
11. Vegetable Dragon Roll (8pcs) vegan
Yam, cuke, avocado, assorted grilled veggies and tofu pouch
12. Gari Dragon Roll (8pcs) vegan
Carrot, avocado, cucumber, and pickled ginger
13. Inari ( Tofu Pouch 2pcs) vegan4.503.60
Regular PriceTsu-Nami Price
Beef or Chicken Yaki Udon/Soba12.9510.36
Seafood or Shrimp Yaki Udon/Soba13.9511.16
Vegetable Yaki Udon vegan10.958.76
Vegetable Yaki Soba10.958.76

Vegan Vegan alternative available, please ask for more details.