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Lunch Menu

Bedord Higway Menus

Bento Box Specials

All Bento Box specials are served with salad, rice, miso soup and one of the following four options: a.) Maki Sushi b.) Japanese Dumplings c.) Assorted Tempura d.) Spring Rolls

Chicken Teriyaki12.99

Beef Teriyaki12.99

Salmon Teriyaki14.99

Shrimp Teriyaki14.99

Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)13.99

Unagi (BBQ eel)15.99

Spicy Fish Cutlet14.99

Chicken Cutlet13.99

Veggie Bento12.99

Stir-Fry Teriyaki Bowls

Stir-fry on a bed of steamed rice




Seafood (crab, salmon, scallop, shrimp)15.99

Ramen (Noodle in Soup)

Homemade milky and creamy Tonkotsu(pork bone) broth served with boiled eggs, bamboo shoots, black mushroom, sweet corn and green onion. (Can be served Spicy)

Chashu(pork belly) Ramen14.99

Tenderous Ribs Ramen14.99

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch

Served with salad and miso soup

Mini Sushi 11.99

(3 Nigiri, 3 Cali, 3 BC Roll)

Sushi Lunch14.99

(5 Nigiri, 3 Cali, 3 Sp Salmon)

Sashimi Lunch16.99

(2 Salmon, 2 Tuna, 2 Snapper, 2Clam, 2 Albacore)

Nami Deluxe18.99

(3 Nigiri, 6 Sashimi, 6 Maki)

Royale Deluxe for Two38.99

(6 Nigiri, 12 Sashimi, 12 Maki)

Mini Maki11.99

(3 Cali, 3 Sp Salmon, 3 Tekka Maki)

Maki Lunch13.99

(6 Cali, 3 Sp Salmon, 3 BC Roll)

Gianto~oh Maki18.99

(6 Shrimp Temp, 3 Sp Salmon, 3 Sp Tuna, 6 Teriyaki)

Veggie Maki10.99

(3 Sweet potato, 3 Firecracker Avo, 3 Seaweed Cuke)